Biggest mistakes in casino movies

Cringe! There’s nothing worse than that moment when you’re enjoying a movie, but then an error of epic proportions ruins the whole thing for you. It could be a continuity issue, spotting a camera reflected in the star’s sunglasses, or worst of all, something you know to be just plain wrong. Whichever it is, most likely the whole film is now tainted and unwatchable, and when it comes to casino movies, there have been some doozies. Here are a few of their best/worst mess-ups.


Rounders, 1998:This is a cool, enjoyable tale of high-stakes poker. Unfortunately, if you’re a regular poker player you’ll most likely notice something off in the scene where Mike leaves Worm to play in the club. Worm gets $2,000 worth of chips to play in the $20/$40 limit game. The cashier puts four rows of green chips into the rack for him. Yup, those are $25 chips! That’s just going to be awkward in a $20/$40 game where everyone else has the yellow $20 chips. Can anyone make change? Later in the movie Mike raises Teddy KGB $1,000 straight but is seen to put down twenty black chips which are worth $2,000!


Croupier, 1998:Point of order regarding UK casinos in this one: Jack comes to the roulette wheel to replace the dealer, Matt. The shot shows that the wheel is stationary when he arrives which would never happen as when the table is open that wheel is supposed to be kept in motion.


The Cooler, 2003:Don’t use this movie for any casino etiquette tips. In the craps table scenes, the players hold the dice in two hands; that is considered bad form in most establishments, the dealers would definitely have asked them to stop.


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, 1998:All bets are off when it comes to Hunter S Thompson’s epic binge around Las Vegas, so you’d be willing to accept most things in this movie. Except the fact that in the famous Circus Circus scene, where Gonzo is attempting to exit the notorious rotating carousel bar, they seem to have forgotten that it’s got a ton of mirrors. In one of those mirrors you can plainly see the camera crew shooting the scene. Hi guys, pass the mescaline!


Ocean’s Eleven, 2011:This movie is littered with stars, and mistakes. Continuity seems to have been a problem, but maybe everyone was too distracted by George and Brad’s handsomeness to notice. For example, in the early poker scene when Danny raises big there’s a water bottle in front of Topher Grace. Joshua Jackson calls – bottle disappears. Rusty calls – bottle magically reappears. Topher calls – gone, Danny shows – it’s back. The game must be crazy exciting for no one to notice this magical water bottle!


Casino Royale, 2006:I must say I was shaken, not stirred, to see this glaring error in the Bond franchise. When the superspy enters his code at the casino he puts in 836547 and later in the movies reveals the code to be ‘VESPER’ which, if you try it, is 837737 on a normal keypad. Very disappointing, 007!


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